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Marcus Pyle

Dr. Marcus R. Pyle is currently the inaugural Franco Professor of the Humanities and Assistant Professor of Musicology at Davidson College. He is also the Artistic Director of the Davidson Concert Series. Prior to Davidson he held positions at Tufts University and MIT. His research focuses on depictions of femmes fatales in opera, Black female subjectivity, voice studies, French modernism, the fictionality of characters, Nina Simone, and music and espionage. His research has been published in 19th-Century Music (“Rhetoric of Seduction; or Materiality Under Erasure) and in the Journal of Popular Music Studies (Nina Simone as Poet and Orchestrator: Black Female Subjectivity and the Exo(p)tic in “Images” and “Four Women”). In support of his research and outreach, he has been awarded the Howard Mayer Brown Fellowship from the AMS and the NYU Dean’s Dissertation Fellowship. He is an Area Editor for Grove Music in 20th century topics and President-Elect of the AMS-Southeast Chapter.