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Teaching American Musics in the K-12 Classroom Workshop: Ma Rainey’s Blues


As part of the AMS Pedagogy Study Group’s annual Teaching Music History Conference, the Many Musics of America series presents a special workshop facilitated by Dr. Molly Doran (Wartburg College). This workshop will explore methods for teaching the blues through the music of the early-blues recording artist — and Columbus, GA native— Ma Rainey. Workshop activities will include a tour of The Ma Rainey House, followed by a trip to the Columbus Museum. At the Columbus Museum, participants will embark on a tour of an exhibit in the Chattahoochee Valley on blues and folk music, including the music of Ma Rainey, created by the Schwob School of Music Public Musicology Certificate program, and facilitated by Dr. Reba Wissner (Columbus State University) and students involved with creating the exhibit. Participants will then attend an interactive session with Dr. Doran, where they will develop materials to use in their music classrooms.

This workshop will provide unique opportunities for educators working in both K-12 and higher-education spaces to share their ideas and perspectives. Participating educators may be eligible to receive continuing education certification.

Full details about the conference can be found on the AMS website.