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Kennedy Creek Old Time Music Workshops

Georgia Tunes

Mick Kinney and Evan Kinney feature their collected tunes from field recordings, manuscripts, and primary source musicians, demonstrating regional melody and accompaniment styles. Detailed bowing rhythms, variations, improvisation and their origins will be discussed in a group participation setting.

Time: 10:30am⁠–⁠12:00pm
Venue: Kennedy Creek Pavillion

Blue Ridge Mountain Fiddling Workshop

The Blue Ridge Mountain region of northeast Georgia, eastern Tennessee, and western North Carolina has long been home to a rich tradition of old-time fiddling and musical exchange. In this workshop, Jason Cade will talk about the source fiddlers of the region who have influenced his style—including Byard Ray, Manco Sneed, Marcus Martin, Allen Sisson, J Laurel Johnson, JD Harris, Osey Helton, and Bruce Greene—and demonstrate some of the unusual and beautiful tunes from the Blue Ridge Mountains. A representative tune from the repertoire will be taught.

Time: 1:00⁠–⁠2:00pm
Venue: Kennedy Creek Pavillion

Appalachian Dulcimer in Old Time Music Workshop

In this workshop, multi-instrumentalist Rob McMaken will speak about the mountain dulcimer (aka the “lap dulcimer”) and explain why it has been underutilized in Old Time Music and in the world of music in general. Rob will demonstrate why the dulcimer in fact may be the best-suited instrument for bringing out the haunting and mysterious qualities of Appalachian music. Rob will also do an interactive exercise with musicians in attendance, demonstrating how he approaches accompaniment. Fiddler Jason Cade will accompany him for this portion.

Time: 2:30⁠–⁠3:30pm
Venue: Kennedy Creek Pavillion

Jam Session: Georgia Tunes

Mick Kinney and Evan Kinney lead participants in playing tunes that originated in the state of Georgia.

Time: 4:00⁠–5:30pm
Venue: Kennedy Creek Pavillion

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