American Musicological Society, Inc.

Katherine Leo

Katherine M. Leo, PhD., J.D. (AMS-Midwest Chapter Secretary) is assistant professor of music at Millikin University, where she teaches a variety of courses in western music history, ethnomusicology, and music copyright. Dr. Leo’s research investigates US music and legal histories, with emphases on matters of authorship and originality as well as musical style and similarity in federal copyright law. This research is most notably featured in her monograph, Forensic Musicology and the Blurred Lines of Federal Copyright History (Lexington 2021). As a specialist in early-twentieth-century US commercial musics, Dr. Leo also writes and presents on topics such as the US piano roll industry, Duke Ellington, the Original Dixieland Jazz Band, and Paul Whiteman. Dr. Leo also serves as a forensic musicologist in copyright infringement matters.